I am a registered nurse by profession and the proud single mother of two grown children. In my spare time, I enjoy escaping into the wistful world of my imagination. I have a sentimental heart and am inspired by music, art, and the beauty of the natural world. I am also intrigued by paranormal and spiritual phenomenon and mysterious things. This page is a place for my creative musings.

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  • DeeTGadwah commented on November 15, 2016 Reply

    Excellent post. I definitely love this site. Keep it up!

  • CptKD commented on July 2, 2015 Reply

    I watched a beautiful baby hummingbird yesterday – As he fluttered about two hanging baskets, learning that which it is he must do amongst the centers of these beautiful creations of nature called flowers. . .
    It was awing and incredulous!
    Inspiring and breathtaking . . .
    Initially, I smiled as I watched!
    Soon crying, as I saw him struggle, not quite succeeding at the task at hand!
    He was LEARNING!
    Life is so full of lessons!
    For all of us!
    Each and every one of us!
    All creatures, great and small!
    And I realize now, there is simply no escaping that . . .
    So we learn,
    and we learn,
    . . . and we learn some more!

    Thank you again, Suzanne!
    For sharing with me!
    For inspiring me!
    And for continuing to share your beautiful ‘Poetic Musings’ with all of us!

    What a wonderful gift!

  • CptKD commented on May 2, 2015 Reply

    I’m not sure how to start this,
    Nor explain how you’ve come to me –
    Perhaps it is, that I’ve come to you,
    Through life’s ironies . . .

    The last kiss was so long ago,
    Still feels like ‘yesterday’ to me
    I didn’t know she was giving them,
    To one, ‘Playing’ my friend
    But I unravelled that mystery

    And just as quickly as I did so
    They etched the PAIN eternally
    My things were moved to storage,
    I, put on the street

    The other one quickly took my place,
    Filling up, where I had been
    Under my roof, in my bed, beside her
    On my pillow, where my broken heart had been

    Everything just disappeared
    My dog, my cats, my FAMILY
    Stripped, stolen, savagely ripped
    My spirit, soul – The core of me

    With nothing, I was merely erased
    Yet Evil clutches so ugly
    No money, no access, no fuel in the car
    I couldn’t even leave that street

    Time’s moved on, I am still
    My car is, what’s been home to me
    A third of me’s missing, but inside feels dead
    I didn’t know I could MISS and be so LONELY

    Something must give, I need repose
    I need escape from this tragedy
    Deeper, and greater sorrow’s to come
    I won’t survive, stuck – Sunk, in this torrid sea

    I know, I’m not well – My Mother is worse
    And she will be taken, forever from me
    The ache it instills, the void in that loss
    Stunts my every breath, my heart, from its very next beat

    I was her ‘Chosen’ child, for she lost 4 of her own
    Me, here alone – A change in ‘plan’ after being kept for 2 weeks
    Guess the cycle will circle, and I’ll end, finishing like the start
    I don’t like ‘alone’ – And again, Alone – REPEAT

    I never married, or had kids of my own
    I let the right lady leave, when I should’ve got down on my knee
    Seems so many wrongs have surrounded a few rights
    Desperation’s replaced tranquility

    I’ve driven so many roads
    Chasing rainbows, sunrise and sunset . . .
    I still haven’t gotten really anywhere yet
    This morning I played ‘funny’ for a fool, so I didn’t show ‘hurt’
    By some crazy fluke – After I hit ‘send’
    I wound up here, reading everything . . . and I wept!

    Everything made so much sense, while opening up, every scar, stab, scab, sore, sliver, sharp, sad and sorrow . . .
    I have been sobbing for hours!
    My shirt is soaked – The front, from tears I’ve never seen, or cried so large . .
    And I am spent!
    Still & Silent¡

    • suzanne commented on May 2, 2015 Reply

      Your poetry comment touched me. And I thank you so much for sharing it!

      • CptKd commented on May 3, 2015 Reply

        I’ve still,
        Not quite completely
        Recovered . . .

        I have
        No words,

        Except –

        • suzanne commented on May 4, 2015 Reply

          For KD, life is full of adversity, and in the midst of hardships, we sink into our grief and hopelessness for a while. I will leave you with inspirational words of Langston Hughes:
          “Hold fast to dreams,
          For if dreams die
          Life is a broken-winged bird,
          That cannot fly”

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