Country Road2

An Empty Highway

Given any hint of freedom
My heart has always been
Quick to escape
Into its wildest imaginings
And I have learned
That an empty highway
Is the perfect blank canvas
For my daydreams
So, when I’m speeding along
A meandering country road
Going absolutely nowhere
I invariably end up in a place
Of reflective meditation
Welcome therapy
For my restless soul
Where creativity is found
In colorful images that appear
Randomly free flowing ideas
That seem so incredibly profound
In their short-lived moments
That they’re quickly jotted down
Perhaps to be understood better
Or considered some more later
These scribbled beginnings
Of a brand new poem
Being born
And, I will admit
That I have heard your voice
And felt your words
When I’ve been out driving
Though I can’t really decipher
Their meaning
Or where they are leading
Only know, that it makes me
Want to steal you away
For a long drive some day
With no destiny in mind
Fueled up on nothing
But passion
And the excitement
Of exploring the unknown together
Just taking in the scenery
And submitting to the mystery
Of whatever lays before me
But really, just longing to finally hear
Your voice right there beside me
With words actually spoken
As desire is finally driven
Across a great divide of time
A crash course on love
Where urgency takes over
Bodies entangled and entwined
In a collision of discovery
But it’s just the imaginary journey
From the sentimental imagination
Of a love that time has not forgot
Whose parting gift is concealed
Within a once broken heart
The bittersweet transformation
That makes us feel
A much greater depth of emotion
Than we ever had before
Inspiring, like a blessing
The words of a poem
Or the brush strokes of a painting
Or just becoming the creativity
Of a romantic dream
So, I suppose I wouldn’t really
Want to change it
For anything


  • SantoZPelter commented on August 23, 2016

    Thanks very nice blog!

  • IrmaIMclin commented on August 7, 2016

    Inspiring quest there. What happened after? Be careful!

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