Carousel_Horse_Alc2 - Copy (2)


She stood on the Carousel
Her feet planted
Widely apart
Balancing herself
Somewhat precariously
Between the painted ponies
Mounted on its rickety wooden floor
Holding on to a gilded pillar
Tightly with both hands
To keep herself from falling off
The antiquated Carousel
Its ornate embellishments
Sparkling all around her
Like a giant bejeweled crown
Revolving in a museum
Displayed beneath
A profusion of flashing lights
The pretty pastel roses
Twisted vines and cherubs
Adorning its centre pedestal
And mirrored columns
Of a storybook castle
Or, a baroque palace built
For a King and his Queen
Its clever design
Making the young girls smile
Gleeful little princesses arriving
In their imaginary gardens
Far away from the boredom
And drudgery
Of their everyday lives
To realize
Their Cinderella dreams
If only, for a little while
Her own jubilence, palpable
As the music began playing
Bracing herself better
As the platform wobbled
Beneath her feet
And the ponies began
Slowly galloping up and down
Their movements nicely
Synchronized to the rhythms
Of the Wurlitzer music
Everyone merrier
The counterclockwise spinning
Taking her backwards in time
To the many fairgrounds
And midways of a lifetime
Remembering the laughter
And sticky cotton candy face
Of her own happy childhood
The toys and joys
And the giggles
Of playful innocence
Her heart made even happier
As the ride picked up speed
Circling faster and faster
Past the crowd
Of anxious spectators
Waiting for their turn
To climb aboard history
Though she was becoming
A bit dizzy
Steeling herself
To make the best of it
Fighting back her nausea
So she could enjoy it
But feeling a bit trapped
For, there was no way
Of safely getting off
Before the carousel stopped
Like riding a parody of life
Obliged to endure it
To the very end
Going round and round
From one sunrise
To the next
Seeking joy in the songs
Beauty in the roses
And meaning
Amidst the chaos
Tolerating the boringly
Repetitious routines
That take up
Such a big part of our lives
Knowing, they are always
Sweetly interspersed
With moments of greatness
And excitement
The happiest times
When we are blessed
To laugh and love and dance
To the music
As the world spins us
Round and round
On its axis