Queen Bed2

My Queen-Sized Bed

My queen-sized bed
Knows all my stories
All the joys, regrets, and sorrows
Of an ordinary life
Whose memories sneak
Into those quiet moments
Of self-reflection
That come before sleep
When private conversations
And troubling ruminations
Take place in our heads
On comfy pillows
Where tears are wept
And prayers are said
And pent-up emotions
Are released into the night

And stretched out across
My queen-sized bed
An unwelcome reality
Creeps into my head
The nagging awareness
Of the imaginary void
In my half-empty bed
The unoccupied place
Where sadness comes from
Clutching at my heart
In the solitude of bedtime
Like a secret unfolding
The loneliness of a single life
Pointlessly hopeless thoughts
That are simply turned off
With the flick of a light
And a sigh, ever-mindful
Of the glass half-empty
On the night table

Because sleep
Is a truly wonderful thing
Where we can let go of everything
And drift into the world of dreaming
Into that place of make-believe
And fairy-tales with happy endings
Becoming a princess in an adventure
Instead of just a woman alone
In a queen-sized bed, stupidly
Questioning her life and future
Because, win or lose
Life isn’t fair, for anyone
And we are all equal
In our searching
Facing hardships and struggles
And battling the invisible demons
Of our nightmares
In a world where no guarantees
Are given to anyone
So, unfortunately for some of us
Love is always elusive, or fleeting
And we spend our nights alone, differing
Only in our ways of coping,
Compromising or compensating

Like the welcome redemption
I’ve found in my queen-sized bed
That precious respite of sleep
Where wishes come true
Hope is renewed
And where love is presented
In dreams that amuse me
Of a muse that inspires me
Or, where I just disappear for awhile
Knowing that when I awaken
The loneliness of the night
Will all be forgotten
And I will be hopeful again
So, maybe one day
I will be a Queen
In my queen-sized bed, instead
Of a woman searching, but
Whatever the case may be
Life is pretty good
Despite the half-emptiness
Of my queen-sized bed
And the pathetic messages
It sends me