Hamilton pathway

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The funny thing about it
Is there is no real story
About me and you
Because nothing ever happened
Though I had wanted it to
So I have no photographs
To cherish or display
And no mementos or souvenirs
Because I walked away
With only the memory
Of how I felt, when I left
But it was nonetheless
A pivotal event
And turning point in my life
A moment of my growing up
And reluctantly giving up
On fairytale versions of love
That were going nowhere

A poignant story
About not falling in love
And a make believe lover
About an overly romantic me
Standing in a doorway
Caught up in a dream
With my infatuation
Wasting and unseen
Aware that my heart was aching
With the possibility
That you might notice me
And give me a reason to stay
Or help me chase away
The voices in my head
That were telling me
It was just stupidity
To entertain this hopeless crush
That had me feeling crazy
With wanting you too much
For I had been told
That you were practically married
And it hurt

Just a story of a heartache
Experienced in my youth
Where I embraced reality
In a sad moment of truth
Because finding your face
Was easy
But when our eyes met
I just melted once again
And you just turned away
To leave me wondering
If I would always
Miss you that way
So, I made up my mind
And left that night
With nothing but my tears
And the memory of you
That has decorated
My house of dreams
For as long as I can recall
Alongside the graffiti
And the writing on the wall

A story about how a memory
Works its way into my poetry
From the music in my heart
That has me remembering you
And how I fled that night
In a turmoil of complicated feelings
A story about how our lives
Can be changed forever
By just our perceptions
And dreams
Because nothing ever happened
Between me and you
When I walked away
Down that fork in the road
Leaving that place on Memory Lane
Where you got married
And I just entertained a dream
Plagued with doubts
That I still sometimes revisit
Getting high on the emotions
Of the infatuation
That tortured my heart
All those years ago
In the confusion of my youth