Cloudy sky


“Be mine” he said
“I’ve always been yours” she replied
“Tell me again” he said
“I won’t” she said
“Unless you kiss me”

And he did

Letting his lips
Linger on hers
Much longer than
They really needed to
Effecting the quiver
Of her longing
That made him realize
He was still capable
Of her undoing
And that she could easily be
If he wanted her to be
But nevertheless
Releasing her
So he could
Watch the words
He longed to hear
Forming on her mouth

“I was yours” she said
“Long before we ever met
When you were just an idea
And a concept in my head
And before you personified
Every romantic ideal
And heartfelt wish
I’d ever dreamt
Yours, even when I ran away
Completely oblivious
To the damage
That was being done
By my running”

And he saw the sincerity
In her anguished eyes
Attending to every word
She needed to say
Her lips freshly kissed
And perfect

“Yours, even now
For you are the one
I could never forget
The one I stumbled upon
Full of misgivings and unready
For the mayhem you gave me
The havoc you wreaked
On my psyche and reasoning
With that amazing feeling
Of being bound to someone
You’ve never really known
Falling helplessly
In love at first sight
Like being haunted
By a dream or a past life
The hint of possibility
That souls might actually
Wander through eternity
And that the love felt
Within our hearts
Endures endlessly”

And then, she said
“So go ahead and kiss me
Again and again and again
If you want to
But whatever you do
Promise me you’ll never
Say Goodbye to me
In this lifetime”

And he did



  • JoanMScripter commented on July 22, 2015

    I couldn’t refrain from commenting. Well written!

  • suzanne commented on June 14, 2015

    Thank you for your comment. Life is so full of unanswerable questions. But some are understood after many years of living. Answered by experience.

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