A Perfect Winter’s Night

Beneath the star-filled sky
Of a late winter’s night
I watched with fascination
As the most delicate of snowflakes
Drifted down from the sky
Little memories in the making
Whose fleeting beauty
I was experiencing
In those precious few seconds
Before they vanished into thin air
Disappearing without a sound
Without even touching the ground
Just like all the tears once shed
That leave no trace behind
When they are gone

And I got lost in those thoughts
And in the dreamlike spectacle
Of this seemingly magical night
When the world looked just like a fairytale
And I had caught myself thinking of you
Your memory grabbing my attention
In the stillness of the night
And I welcomed that daydream
Surrendering into the delight
Of remembering you
And letting those memories
Get all mixed up
With the images surrounding me
And my thoughts
After all, this was a magical night
Of snowflakes and twinkling stars

Though it all had me wondering
Why I was still so easily drawn in
To the memory of you
After so many years had passed
And why my heart still felt the longing
And the bittersweetness
Of not knowing you
As a fantasy began forming in my mind
A story, where some of our wishes
Are stolen by the stars in the sky
And kept up there in the heavens
Together with all the other wishes
That never came true
Like the many wishes
I had once made about you
A memory gifted back to me that night
By those enchanting little snowflakes
Cascading down from the skies
For that must have been the reason
You had crossed my mind
As I had stood under the stars
On that perfect winter’s night