Love Is the Most Compelling Story

Love is just the beginning
Of a great story
Placed ever so carefully
Beside the bed
Unopened and waiting
And anxious to be read
And sometimes
Love is an old book
Tossed carelessly
Beside the bed
Abandoned and yet
Still waiting
To be opened and read
A mystery
A missed opportunity
Or a path never taken
Where interest waned
To be lost or forsaken
Like the forgotten book
Misplaced on a dusty shelf
And all stained
With years of regret
The story we lost
That will probably
Never be read
And sometimes
Love is a favourite story
On pages all dog-eared
And wrinkled
A beloved fable
So many times re-read
And kept ever so closely
Beside the bed
Or an epic story
Like Romeo and Juliet
Evocative and passionate
That holds a deep heartache
Within its well-worn pages
The almost perfect story
We can never forget
The secret treasure
Of the hopeless romantic
Albeit deluded
And a bit tragic
And sometimes
Love is just a story
All imaginary and pretend
The hoped for adventure
Waiting on the nightstand
And like a story unfinished
That is still being read
Will not be forgotten
Until it is read
To the end
But, sometimes
Love is a sad story
That was never meant
To be read