There is nothing quite like
The allure
Of falling in love
And once we have felt
Its provocative mixture
Of star-struck and wonderful
It draws us in even deeper
With its eroticism
And romanticism
Creating a desire
Like no other
Because falling in love
Is an irresistible temptation
Like the sweetest nectar
Of a summer flower that lures
The hummingbird to hover
Thirsting for the succor
Secreted deeply within
Its softly perfumed petals

And nothing can prepare us
For the powerful way
Love changes us
A joyous beginning
For lifelong lovers, or
The intoxicating experience
Of a whirlwind romance
That makes fools out of us
And then leaves us achingly aware
That nothing will ever compare
To the pain of a broken heart
Especially, if we are young
Convinced that nobody else
Will ever understand
How badly we’re feeling inside

And when love ends
We forget how to be happy
Sent to a sorrowful place
To mourn its death
Stuck in a relentless pattern
Of longing for the one
Who stole our affections
And trying hard to let go
Of the best feelings
We’ve ever known
In a world turned upside down
The highest of highs
Twisted into the lowest of lows
Until love has no place
Left to go

Because when love dies
Life becomes a compromise
Of hiding out in everyday living
And burrowing into
More superficial, safer things
Or just killing time
In whatever alternatives
Present themselves
To keep from drowning inside
Going through the slow process
Of recovery that redefines our hopes
Expectations and desires
To create a new interpretation
Of normal

But whether we become
Lovers for life
Or hopelessly wounded hearts
There’s nothing quite like
The excitement felt
When we’re falling in love
And regardless of its outcome
Once we’ve fallen in love
Nothing is ever the same
And we will have all learned
The very same lessons
That nothing is as magical
Life-affirming and worthwhile
As love is, an experience
That shapes our characters
And rearranges our lives
Securing our memories
To live on in our tomorrows
And transform our destinies