Islas Marietas 3

Willing Abandon

When life turns into a tumultuous sea
Whose waves are crashing all around me
Let my restless spirit be carried along
In the wistful lyrics of a poignant song

When the world gets ugly or meaningless
And my heart is heavy with unhappiness
Wash me away in a river of sound
Where love is felt and solace is found

When life gets empty from the mediocrity
And the pointlessness or troubles loom over me
Let me disappear into a favourite melody
Hiding from the world, escaping reality

And when the guitar weeps, mirroring my heart
Telltale tears as the healing starts
This willing surrender into musical bliss
Is cathartic abandon; the sure fix

For when love is remembered, from long ago
It erases the hurt, the loneliness and sorrow
Riding the waves of musical highs and lows
My soul is refueled with hope for tomorrow