Roses teardrops

The Summer Garden

I stand in the backyard garden
On an early summer morning
Gazing out over the deck
To watch the new day dawning
And the cup of coffee I just made
Extra creamy and bittersweet
Will just have to wait

Suspended in this peaceful scene
I spend a few deliberate minutes
Lost in the tranquility of the morning
And I cannot keep myself from smiling
As I remember the night`s fanciful dreams
And an evening of such happiness
That my heart is full and singing

Sleepy-eyed and yawning
And wilfully procrastinating
I savour my coffee in slow sips
To indulge myself
In these last precious moments
In between the night and day
Before my dreams all fade away

And out in the summer garden
Tiny teardrops can be found
Dangling delicately on rose petals
Before vanishing into the ground
And I cling to the disappearing night
Aware of the chaos my day will bring
When I join the world in awakening

And as my last drops of coffee are done
I am touched by the warmth of the morning sun
And reluctantly surrendering
I kiss the night goodbye, watching
As the brilliance of the emerging sunrise
Takes over the horizon
To fill up the sky

And flowers in the garden awaken
To welcome back the sunshine
Of this early summer morning
And I can see their hopefulness
Geraniums, petunias and carnations
Make a vivid display of glory
In every colour of the rainbow

A tempting attraction for the songbirds
Gathering in the lush foliage below
A symphony of chirps and birdsongs is heard
As they celebrate their joy
That another night has come and gone
While feasting on unsuspecting earthworms
Caught creeping across the lawn

And everything in the morning garden
Is sparkling with happiness
Layered with the night’s glistening dew
The summer garden has been transformed
Into a place of rebirth and renewal
And I am filled with the optimism
Of a brand new day