Go Ask Alice

She sat beside a well
Feeling like Cinderella, but
Without a fairy godmother
Or a Prince Charming there
To help her
And the only frog she saw
Was no Frog Prince either
Just a common variety frog
Croaking annoyingly in the meadow
So that sweet and fragile girl
Was all alone there and couldn’t see
That she was equally as beautiful
As any princess could ever be
Sweet sixteen and never kissed
An unusually creative girl
But judged a misfit
By a handful of her peers
And then excluded
While the really mean ones
Targeted and bullied her
And sought
To crush her joyful spirit
And, they were winning
Because she was really sad
On that morning
Feeling worthless and lonely
And carrying the world
Upon her shoulders
That poor girl, lost
In those critical few moments
As she gazed into the depths
All the happy endings
Of every fairytale she’d ever read
Before the cruelty of those monsters
Had stolen away her innocence
And ruined all the daydreams
That had once kept her
Hopeful and inspired
So, she was disillusioned
Falling deeper and deeper
Into a place of utter hopelessness
A bottomless pit of despair
Like the wishing well before her
As she said a silent prayer
And tossed a silver coin
Into the darkness below
Listening to the musical sound
Of its tinkling, all the way down
As she made one last desperate wish
For a man to come and love her
A knight, in shining armour
Who would rescue her
And then slay
Every fire breathing dragon
Who dared to come her way
Or, a handsome prince
With a magic kiss; like the one
Who’d awoken Snow White
To her happily ever after
Just one decent man, really
Who would love her
Deeply and madly, and forever
And with those crazy thoughts
Running through her mind
She had suddenly stood up
Straightened her best dress
And leapt unto her death
While imagining herself
As Alice in Wonderland
Jumping down the rabbit hole
Escaping into her world
Of make-believe
Into the Never Never Land
Of Peter Pan and Tinker Bell
Or the Hundred Acre Woods
Of Winnie-the-Pooh and Eeyore
Because in her mind
Life was so much better
When she was immersed
In those childhood stories
And, meanwhile
Somewhere far away
A young man was dreaming
Of the princess
He hoped to find one day
Watching, as a shooting star
Fell downwards in the sky
And it had caught his breath
Though he had no idea why