Marriage Vows

I got married once, circa 1989
Mostly because it felt like
Life was moving on without me
But, I was being sincere
When I spoke my wedding vows
Not lying on that day to anyone
Except for me
Though I didn’t know it at the time
Because somehow
It had all made sense back then
And anyway
I had truly loved that man
Though maybe not quite as much
As I had wanted to love someone
But he was a man
Who was in love with me
Or so he said
And so I believed
Because I had always wanted
To have children and a family
So what can you do
When your biological clock
Is barely ticking
Well, I got married
Quashing the rebellion
Inside my wild heart
Fully committed
To making it work
And it’s a decision
I’ve never regretted
Though, I learned a whole lot
From that mistake
So when I finally got divorced
I knew I’d never do it again