Fate is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Sometimes romantic desire
Is a surprise rushing in
An instant attraction
That takes us over
Like a fire raging
Out of control
And we are startled
By ourselves, and by the way
We tremble in its presence
Incredibly turned on
But with a new vulnerability
That makes us reluctant
To get any closer
So we retreat into the shadows
To steady our hearts
And quell our passion
Trying to regain control
Of our emotions and our bodies
And to find the damned ground again
And before, we do something really stupid
Because love at first sight
Is a sexual attraction
A double-edged sword
That gets us all mixed up
About desire versus love
An irresistible enticement
That could easily break a heart
If we are not careful
So we run for cover
Full of trepidation, and unable
To seize the day
Getting burned instead
By the self-fulfilling prophecy
That had us running away
In the first place

And I can still remember
When you were the one
Who had me feeling
Exactly like that
A fervor
So overwhelming
It was crazy-making
Stopping me in my tracks
In equal parts of running scared
And rushing back
The endless temptation
Of a forbidden fruit
Weighing heavily on my mind
Wanting something more
Than a romantic tryst
But nevertheless, getting ever closer
To crossing that line
And finally, just giving in
To whatever you were offering
Because I was hopelessly stuck
In wanting you
Ignoring the voices of caution
And knowing that desire had won out
For my heart was not yet grown up
And still drawn to that mythical place
Where our dreams and lives intersect
So, I was overjoyed at the prospect
Of a rendezvous in the park
A date, that never happened
The result of rotten luck
And a scheduling mistake
That had me called in to work instead
In the cruelest act of fate
That I have ever felt
Because in your eyes
And your cold shoulders, I could tell
That everything had changed
That there wasn’t going to be
Another opportunity for me, not even
For one very memorable night
That door, slamming in my face
And it was oddly quite heart breaking
So I had wondered, if you even knew
That I was, nonetheless, really crazy for you
Because you were the one
Who had lit a fire in me
Unlike any other, though
I suppose desire is sometimes
Nothing more than that
A spark we never forget
Or the imaginary lover
We dream about at night
Just an idea in our minds, really
Still, it was the best kind of crazy
That I had ever felt
And it had consumed me
So wonderfully
In the way that desire does
In our impassioned youth
And isn’t that the truth