Wounded Little Girls

When a little girl is wounded
At the hands of a deceptive man
She can never fully trust
Her own good judgment again
And she will never really experience
The joy of love’s first kiss
Or surrender to her own passion
With an enthusiastic willingness
For she will always struggle
To see the difference between men
After suffering from the violation
Of intimacy with a smiling cunning man
A wounded girl explores the world
Disguised and hiding in her armour
Protected from those that might harm her
Like a wallflower inconspicuous in the garden
A beauty guarded by a surrounding of thorns
Uncertainty defines her
Causing love to pass her by
For she is too hesitant and fearful of hurting
Unable to recognize it or to try
Unwittingly vulnerable and unknowingly
Attractive to that which is familiar
Too many end up seduced and trapped
By another opportunistic predator
So, some of these little girls
Will just choose to disappear
Into the abyss of drugs and alcohol
To numb the damage they are feeling
Lost in a life so self-destructive
That it takes years for its healing
For when a little girl is wounded
She sympathizes with the angst
Of the flightless little bird
Understanding the deep sorrow
Of its broken wing
As neither is capable of the joy and freedom
Of flying fearlessly up in the clouds again
Standing ever so closely, perched on the edge
And always prepared to take flight
Restless, troubled and keenly aware
That the world holds great evil
And secretly, she wonders
If any man can truly love her
So she lives with this sadness
Identifying with this bitter truth
And like all of the wounded
Becomes a victim of her hurt
Though thankfully, in time
The little wounded girl will grow
Into a courageous woman
A mother and a survivor
And then one day
She will finally stop her crying
Though for a few tragic little girls
They just grow up
And stop trying

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  • JadaEGalva commented on September 6, 2016

    Keep on writing, great job!

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