He was a genuinely
Charming man
Handsome, funny
And clever
The kind of man
Women always fall for
Apparently, even her

Simply irresistible, really
Articulate, elegant
Soft spoken, and attentive
Mysterious, confident
And provocative, but also
Playful, frisky and sleek
Kind of like
A cat on the prowl
Out searching for
New experiences
And only too eager
To pounce
On the new plaything
He’d found

An obviously
Masterful man
With the prowess
And instincts of a hunter
Who’d quickly managed
To get her purring
Like a kitten
In need of affection
Helplessly whimpering
For more
Fairly certain
She knew the score
But nevertheless
Her suspicions

And it all made her
A bit envious
For she couldn’t help thinking
About all the women
He must’ve loved
Women, who’d given
Themselves to him
Just like her
And then fallen
For him

And meanwhile
She could count
On just one hand
Every man she’d ever loved
Being an unusually
Independent woman
A free spirit
But also, a woman
With a broken heart
Who didn’t fall easily
Though, when she did
She fell hard and deeply
So, unfortunately
Her mind was already
Full of warnings, though
She wasn’t running yet
For he was just
Too perfect
To ignore

And even while she knew
That leopards don’t really
Change their spots
They’re still quite arguably
And nevertheless
Breathtakingly exquisite cats
And besides, she’d been
Mesmerized with him
From the start
So, she’d decided
To just enjoy his magnificence
For a while
To cast her doubts aside
And let herself fall
Into the wildness
Of her desire for him
Resigning herself
To an exploration
Of the temptation
He represented
Submitting herself
To his seduction
And letting herself
His romantic wonderful

And she was thankful
That she had, because
He was proving himself
To be an absolutely
Amazing man
A much needed
Adventure of the heart
Who made her happy
And every moment
She spent with him
Made it all beautifully
And incredibly worthwhile
So, maybe curiosity would
Eventually kill the cat
But for now, it was satisfaction
That kept bringing her back
And she was becoming
Quite fond of her leopard
With, or without, his spots

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  • VinnieMKha commented on June 27, 2016

    Hi, just wished to let you know, I loved this post. It was
    funny. Carry on posting!

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