Picture-Perfect Portrait

He appeared across
The crowded room
And everything in between
Faded into irrelevance
For I had stepped into a dream
As I stared at that man
An otherworldly experience
I’ve never forgotten
Its moment captured
Like an old photograph
With him embedded forever
In a scene from the past

A picture-perfect portrait
Like a masterpiece seen
Hanging in a museum
An image on a canvas
Whose enigmatic expression
Draws you right in
Evoking the deepest emotions
Completely captivating
And seductive, as if painted
With a touch of magic
But, rendered untouchable
Secured behind a pane
Of bulletproof glass
In a solid wooden frame

That man, frozen in place
Spellbinding and surreal
Only his gaze following me
Around the noisy room
An ethereal meeting made
In the briefest eye contact
Like a draft, seeping through
The cracks of our existence
And I had felt it entering me
As a sudden incredible rush
While I watched that man
Who made time stand still

My thoughts wasted, falling
Like raindrops against the glass
Of that picture-perfect portrait
His precious memory
Firmly suspended on a wall
Somewhere in my past
A portrait of a man, whom
I had instantly wanted
That had ironically
Left me hanging