Muskokadock (2)


I wish I had a picture
Of our best moments together
Some way of keeping love
Along with all the emotions
And visceral things
I had felt
In the unforgettable moments
Of you and I
Something touchable
And caressable
Tangible proof
Of the love I felt
Something I could hold onto
Like the way a camera captures
The fleeting beauty of a scene
Before it disappears
A Pulitzer prize winning
Of a perfect instant, caught
In the mere fragments
Of a second
When it was real
A flower blossoming
The sun setting
A river’s rippling
A permanent image
That can be relived
Many times over
Because, I wish
I had a picture
Of a perfect instant
Of us
Of how beautiful it was
To love you
And how wonderful
I had felt
In those moments
We had together
That are gone