Canada Day in the Rain

I woke up this morning
With fireworks in my heart
Falling in love
With my country
And with all things Canadian
On this Canada Day long weekend
Which for me had become
A celebration of great music
And I couldn’t have been any happier
Starting it off in the Hammer
With The Good Family Band
A couple of heartwarming hugs
That had me ready to dance
And on the following night
Enjoying the incredible talent
Of the Jim Cuddy Band
Always so enchanting (sigh)
And predictably so much fun
With everyone eventually
Singing right along
A few glasses of Tawse wine
Under a perfectly starry sky
Made for a magical evening
That ended way too soon
With a spectacular fireworks display
And the constellations sparkling
In the background
And with me thinking
I could’ve danced all night
To that music
And I woke up on the Sunday
With a Gordon Lightfoot song
Playing in my head, its lyrics
Summoning me all day
“If you could read my mind love
What a tale my thoughts could tell”
And so, I headed for Toronto
For yet another concert
The storm clouds not deterring me
On such a hot summer night
The downtown all crowded
With colourful young lovers
As I made the long walk
Down University Avenue
So many couples holding hands
And looking so blissful
Their gaiety proudly displayed
Still reveling in the freedom
Of the day’s Pride Parade
Their joy infectious
As I strolled down the street
Grateful when the sudden rain
Began pelting down on me
Perfectly suitable
In the stifling humidity
For cooling off my skin
In the relentless heat
And suddenly I had felt
Like Fred Astaire, or
Gene Kelly, swinging
My little red umbrella
Without a care
And singing in the rain
Well, only in my head
Imagining myself dancing
In the puddles
And making a huge splash
As I arrived at the waterfront
In the best mood ever
Right as the rain stopped
And just in time for the concert
A serendipitous moment
The seats all soaking wet
That left me gladly standing
For I was still dancing in my head
Hips swaying and toes tapping
As I listened to the incredible
Canadian music playing
The brightly coloured skyline
And the CN Tower
Flashing in the background
The Toronto cityscape sparkling
For there was magic in the air
And when the music ended
I made the long trek
Back to my car
My head full of music
And my heart full of happiness
The very slow drive back to Hamilton
In the ridiculous traffic
Seeming completely worthwhile
Lakeshore Boulevard slowed
With half naked teenagers
Exiting Ontario Place
Their laughter heard
And touching my heart
With my mind still lost
In Gordon Lightfoot’s lyrics
Feeling so grateful
For the amazing entourage
Of talented Canadian performers
Who’d come to play tribute to him
And how wonderful to hear
Gordon Lightfoot singing the very song
I’d woken up with that morning
So a big shout out, to say thank you
To Tom Wilson, Bryn Webb, Wayne Petti, and Scarlet Jane
Daniel Romano, Ron Sexsmith, Harlen Papper, and Jacob Moon
To name a few
And to The Good Family and Jim Cuddy Band
And Blue Rodeo, too
For the truly magical summers’ nights
You gift to us proud Canadians
And to say that I love Canadian music
Would certainly be an understatement
But I’m saying it here anyways
While I’m feeling so incredibly privileged
To be a Canadian