He watched from where
He stood on the shore
Marooned there
By the incoming storm
Surrounded by the mess
Of driftwood and kelp
Previously washed up
On the dry land
His livelihood
Safely anchored
In the nearby harbour
As the tempestuous sea
Tossed itself angrily
Against the pier
The succession
Of white crested waves
Splashing high up into the sky
Their beauty short-lived
But, spectacular
Ending with their
Crashing mercilessly
Onto the sand and rocks
And onto the fishing boats
Tethered and docked there
The water, trickling its way
Back out to sea, lapping
The smoothly worn pebbles
Deposited there, those
Ancient morsels
Of the earth’s mountains
Carried thousands of miles
From the river mouths
That fed them to the ocean
A millenia ago
Swallowed up, spit out
And abandoned
On the world’s coasts
By the shifting tides
Where fishermen wait
Drinking a toast
To calmer seas
And their next big catch
But, also remembering
Despite their apparent frivolity
Those who were lost
To the unconquerable ocean
In the years past
All the sailors, explorers
Submariners, deportees
And beloved ancestors
Whose legacies had
Passed on the wisdom
To live every day
As if, it were the last
For, unlike the invincible sea
Our short existence
And best moments
Are only a flash of greatness
Like the fleeting splash
Of each wave before
It disappears back
Into the greater ocean

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    Schöner Artikel! Danke ..

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