The Birthday Present

I cried for you today
When I was visited
By an old memory of you
From back in your beautiful youth
And it had me wondering, sadly
How time could have ravaged you
So dramatically
Because I had known you
When you had played music
Bursting with passion and excitement
And it endeared you to me
Back when you played
Your bass guitar so exquisitely
That your strumming
Touched my soul
And you had watched me dance
Adding a bit more funk
To your rock ‘n’ roll
Somehow turning it
Into an aphrodisiac
Until I felt the potential
Of our lovemaking in your playing
And you knew it
And later, when you sang to me
So tenderly
It had deeply moved me
And I wanted you
To seduce me
Your emotional performance
Having succeeded
In winning my heart
And later, my body
So today, as I thought of you
I recalled your face
And pictured your smile
The way it used to be
So happy and dazzling
That it made you irresistible
Melting me into arousal
Though, it was really
Your playful teasing
And flirtatious laughter
That finally had me yielding
To your charms
Submitting to my desire
Drunk on joy and eager
For us to get naked
And have some fun
And so we did
Celebrating your birthday
A gift, that brought me
Enormous pleasure
And a lifetime of friendship
So I cried today
Because I had remembered you
The way you used to be
And then I missed you
For I had known you
Back when you had shared
Some precious time in my life
So rest in peace, my dear friend
Knowing that you are not forgotten
For I had loved you
Back when we were young


  • Suzanne commented on January 11, 2016

    You crossed my path by accident when I googled fragmented Suzanne. I lost my partner, who was a bass player, who was my best friend and lover 3 and a half years ago. I also write poetry at times. I want to thank you for this lovely poem. Our sweet hearts feel our love for them and they still love us wherever their spirits dwell, gone but never forgotten. I miss my beautiful friend.

    • suzanne commented on January 12, 2016

      Thank you for sharing.

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