I heard the telephone ringing
And it began
My wistful thinking of you
Transporting me back
To that distant time
When I had wanted you
More than anything
A few seconds spent
In wondering
If it was you calling
As though it had been
Only yesterday
When I was falling
In love with you
But I had no intention
Of answering
Because my rational parts
Knew straight away
That it wasn’t
Merely the present day
Interrupted briefly
By the past
Its quick message
Passing through to me
Getting me lost
In a daydream of us
My mind’s story-telling
Taking me over
With the fleeting idea
Of you and I, finally
Getting it together
That wishful thinking
A welcome intrusion
On a pretty boring day

Just an imaginary love story
For entertaining me
Your precious memory
Blending seamlessly
Into my everyday routine
With me, suddenly
Creating the illusion
That we were talking
Scripting a conversation
Inside my head
Mirroring the one
We’d had earlier on
Casting you
In the romantic lead
Purely fiction, of course
Like a Harlequin romance
But infinitely better to me
Than answering the phone
For what was almost certainly
Just another telemarketer
Trying to sell me something
The telephone’s ringing
Delivering me a fairytale
A distraction, lasting
Only a few sweet seconds
And yet, brightening
The remainder of my day
Like sunshine for the soul