The Angio Suite

I had leaned in
So closely
You must have felt
My breath
Upon your cheeks
And seen the terror
In my eyes
Yet you accepted
My deceit
As I held your head
Tightly in my hands
And lied to you
Saying everything
Would be okay
Only because
We needed you
To keep still and calm
On the Angio table
Amidst the chaos
Of the defibrillator
A Code Blue
In the worst way
With me silently hoping
That you felt no pain
As your life ended
Right there in my arms
With me not ready
To let you go
And trying so hard
To keep it together
To let you know
With my embrace
That I truly cared
And to somehow
Fill the place
Of your family
Now all at home
For, I had genuinely
Shared their grief
As their tears came
Streaming down my face
For those few moments
When I had loved you
Like a daughter
In their place


  • CptKD commented on April 25, 2016

    My Mom is still holding on . . .
    But I KNOW that IT will come!

    I know that she’s so scared . . .
    Just as I am petrified!

    Yet our FEARS are for such
    different things – Differing reasons!

    And Still – In many ways . . .
    They are for the same damn thing!

    Letting go – Moving on . . .
    Without one another!

    This Good-Bye . . .
    Is like NO Other!

    • suzanne commented on April 28, 2016

      Sending you a hug!

  • suzanne commented on September 20, 2015

    It’s not about finding peace. More about keeping life meaningful, emotions and memories alive, and nurturing the soul. It also keeps empathy alive.

  • Sharon Cudek commented on September 20, 2015


    How beautiful and eloquent you put these heart wrenching memories into words when so many times these moments are trapped within, stuck in my throat unable to flow past my tears.
    I hope this poetic devise helps bring you peace :)

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