Sometimes love stops
Close-lipped and
Clamming up
Like a conversation
That’s run its course
Or a meeting that’s
Coming to a close
And everyone
In attendance knows
It’s winding down
Because everything
That needed saying
Has already been said
And then, it starts
To get boring
No one really contributing
Anything new, inspiring
Or useful anymore
Merely adding a few
Redundant comments
For emphasis, or
To fill the space
Of the burgeoning silence
In the time that remains
Their feet already restless
Awkwardly shifting in place
Wanting to leave, but stuck
Waiting for an opening
In the conversation
That might lend itself
To the perfect departure line
For saying goodbye
And, in a thoughtful way
That won’t hurt anybody’s
Feelings too badly, like
“It’s been great catching up,”
“Till we meet again,”
Or, “See you later”
And you think, perhaps you will
Because, no one wants
To say goodbye
When it is hurtful
Like, in a game
When the players know
The end is drawing near
Their initial enthusiasm
And excitement exhausted
In an exchange that has lost
Most of its initial
Momentum and enjoyment
And yet, we hang on
Hoping to lessen the damage
Of its obvious conclusion
Because, when love is done
We all know, it’s gonna be
A crushing blow for the loser
Like a conversation
That didn’t end well
Forever tainted with regret
That has us rehashing
Every word and every line, reliving
Every poignant moment
On the many sleepless nights
That follow, wondering
How it all went so wrong
Because, when love ends
It leaves its memory behind
Like a never-ending conversation
Playing on in our minds
Even though no one
Is talking anymore
Like a meeting
Concluding in a truce
Without any real resolution
To the problem
Or, like a game
That ended in the rain
With no real winner
To speak of