Do bugs get lonely?
Do they question the drudgery
Of their measly little lives?
And does the honey bee
Miss the hive, if it journeys
Too far in search of nectar?
And does the dragonfly
Dream of swimming
And the earthworm
Long to fly?
Does the mantis
Pray for a true love
To come his way?
And does the grasshopper
Worry that he might never
Find his way back
To a favourite blade of grass?
Or, the cicada sing
Hoping it will bring him
Friends or fame?
Does the spider envy
A bigger better web?
And a cricket jump for joy?
Does the beetle run for cover
All the while cursing the predators
That hunt in the clover?
Do ants giggle or argue
When they’re all gathered
En masse together?
And, when a snake invades
Their collective paradise
In the meadow
Do they all begin to tremble?
And, if every creature
Crawler and critter
Owes their existence to Gods
Maybe they too
Occasionally ponder
The meaning of their lives
Secretly hoping
They’ll make it to Heaven