fortune cookie

Fortune Cookie

She got up and got dressed
Staring out the window
At the cityscape, noticing that
The same complicated world
Had somehow become so much
More beautiful overnight
Him watching her from the bed
With a coy expression on his face
That had her blushing
His surprising confession coming
In breathtaking words that
Added to the beauty outside
For, it was on that morning
That he’d first told her
Of the strong connection
He felt between them, like
She was something truly special
Saying it right out loud, like that
And then, asking her yet again
If they could have possibly met
Somewhere before, though
They both knew already
That they hadn’t, so
She had remained silent
Answering him with only a smile
Suddenly recalling the words
Of a fortune cookie
She’d recently read
Speculating to herself, whether
They’d been meant to find each other
Like, a fated meeting of souls
Designed to fix what ailed, because
It kind of felt like that
Whenever they were together
Their moments always
Blissfully unforgettable
Like a miracle, like magic
Surreal and unbelievable
But, whatever it was
She was mindfully grateful
Of the serendipitous circumstances
That had brought them together
And enjoying her good fortune
Even though
They were both finding it
Difficult to adjust themselves
To the idea of being in a relationship
Both still clinging tightly
To their personal freedoms
Reluctant to let go of their old
Habits and dependable patterns
Of complacent living
A bit of a conundrum, but
Not such a big deal really
For, it would all eventually unfold
In the weeks to come
Work itself out, one way or another
And meanwhile, she was happy
Smiling back at him
As he got up from the bed
Taking her into his arms
To interrupt her secret reverie
In the most wonderful way
Kissing her there at the window
Like no one had ever
Kissed her before
And instantly, nothing else mattered
Except for the two of them
Spending more time together
Slowly falling back into his bed
For more loving