Giant raindrops
Splattered themselves
Against the windshield
Coming down
So hard and so fast
That the highway
Had vanished, lost
Behind the waterfall
On the window, until
Everything beyond it
Had melded into just a blur
Of streaming lights and colours
Making the road unnavigable
And forcing me to pull over
Parking on the soft shoulder
Just as a torrential downpour
Of frightening magnitude ensued
My travel plans thwarted
By the unexpected deluge
Stranded there
Beneath an ever darkening sky
Smack dab in the middle
Of absolutely nowhere
Confined, disappointed, and idle
The weather only worsening
Shaking the car from side to side
And then, erupting
Into the thundering and lightning
Of a wicked summer storm
Nature unleashing its fury
All around me as I sat there
Listening to the swiping sounds
Of the windshield wipers failing
Against a rainfall so heavy
It had drowned out the music
And made the world outside
And all its beauty disappear
My hopes and spirits
Equally dampened
By the realization
That I was stuck there
All alone, waiting helplessly
For the rain to stop
My mood growing desolate
Like the way a broken heart
Casts its shadow over us
And makes life seem
Bleak and dismal for a while
Emotionally overcast
Living, but detached
From the world passing by
Just an uninspired spectator
Killing time and sorely
Missing the sunshine
Hoping it would soon return
To chase the rain away
And bring clarity back
To the road ahead
So I could
Resume my journey