I had embarked on the fishing expedition
Hoping for some quiet time
And maybe a resolution
To the noises in my head
Leaving my pens, papers, and
Hand-held technological devices
All at home, along with
My passions and vices
Really just wanting to be
Absorbed into the quiet
Of the countryside for
Some solitary meditation
But, walking out onto that dock
Had felt more
Like walking the plank
Despite the beauty of my surroundings
Still, I was already committed
To a full day of fishing
So, I opened my can of worms
And baited my hook
Hoping the clouds would soon disappear
So the sun could start shining
On this rare opportunity
For a commune with nature
Because, I was really only there
Fishing for answers
As I tossed my baited line
Carelessly into the murky depths
Me, all alone on that river
Sipping on a Starbuck’s coffee                               Surrounded by
The desolate beauty
Of Ontario’s wilderness country