She went for a walk
In the city park next
To her old neighborhood
Planning to spend
This one last time
In her special place
Of remembering
Going over the choices
And circumstances
That were fated to her
In her youth
His recent words
Finally understood
And humbling her
As she stood silently
Near the riverbank
Lighting a cigarette
And imagining
His memory exhaled
In the smoke
Rising upwards
To join the clouds
In the endless sky
The mixed emotions
In her heart, equally
Joyful and mournful
Reminding her now
That this was always how
She felt about him
Her dying love
Memorialized here
Letting the ashes fall
Haphazardly at her feet
Like memory cremains
Scattering in the breeze
Her thoughts drifting
Into contemplating
About the bridge
So high above her
A miracle of architecture
Whose solid infrastructure
And many layers of concrete
Would guarantee its survival
For future generations
Built upon the blood
And sweat and tears
And years of construction
To last forever
A viaduct for travelers
On the Toronto subway
Its brief exodus
From the underground
Spanning the Don Valley here
A magnificence
That had figured prominently
In her life history
For it was in that park
Where she had long ago
Lost her heart’s desire
Though she hadn’t known
When she was younger
That love is gifted to us
In many different forms
All of which are eternal
Even those that pass us by
And leave us sighing