The Butterfly Effect

Just a few words
And a cup of coffee
Can change everything
Between strangers
The life-changing moments
Of a brief encounter
When love shines down
On a man and a woman
And they become connected

So they continue talking
Both captivated in the conversation
And feeling the rush of happiness
That begins a romance
Drawn further and further
Into each other’s eyes
With a deepening curiosity
That has them mesmerized
Hanging on to every word
And finishing each other’s sentences
Both of them slowly realizing
That there is a lot more going on
Than just a physical attraction
As they fall into one another
Their thoughts coalescing

His laughter so exquisite
It makes her giggle
Triggering a spark inside her
And the blushing of her arousal
The potential for love
Unfolding in her mind
As their dialogue continues
With her, no longer hearing
Lost in his smile, beguiled
And secretly hoping
They will become lovers
Her passion safely hidden
Beneath their small table
As their desires mingle
In the spaces between them

Both suddenly imagining
A whole lot more than coffee
As phone numbers are exchanged
And lives are transformed
Feeling giddy and happier
Just a simple conversation
Turning into something wonderful
And suddenly everything
Seems so much better
The world seen with brand new eyes
And a kinder perspective
Is a completely different place
So full of promise

The spiritual metamorphosis
That happens to us
When we are touched by love
Dramatically changed
From the inside out
The intoxicating effects of love
A euphoria
That makes everything else

Like a butterfly emerging
From the darkness of its cocoon
Transformed into something
Breathtakingly beautiful
Flying high above the ground
Where it had only crawled before
A miracle fluttering past
Its colorful wings
Embellishing the garden