Growing Pains

I have felt
The best and the worst of love
And overcome
The tremendous sorrow
Of a broken heart
And I have known
The seven stages of grief
So, I understand now, firsthand
That even the deepest heartache
Eventually changes itself
Into something quite manageable
Or obsolete
And that time slowly turns
Into just a memory
Of what it used to be
But, I have also learned
That love can arrive anytime
To leave us wonderfully
And blissfully astounded again
And, I would still risk it all
If only to feel its rapture
For a single day, or
Become immersed
In its awesome for
A singularly spectacular
One of its moments
And even, if it meant
Another broken heart
For, I no longer ask why
It sometimes runs away
Because, to be in love
Is always a miracle anyway
And, if it does say goodbye
Then, I guess its work is done,
Its lessons taught, and
It’s time for moving on
For working through
The pain of its changing us
Into something new
To recover and get ready
For what is yet to come
All of us swimming
Struggling in the midst
Of our growing pains
Heading upstream
In the constantly evolving
State of us
Becoming someone else
And life, is just that mystery
Continually unfolding
With our journeys and destinies
Forever unknown
So, I will try to remain
Open and willing
To be touched by love
To feel its rewards
In whatever form it takes
All the hope, the joys
The passion and the blessings
And yes, even the challenges
And the sorrows it brings
Because in the end
Love is still all that
And everything in between
Which makes the world
Go round