There will always be a little girl
Inside of me
Who believes in fairytales
And God’s promises
Who knows that love
Is out there, everywhere
Surrounding us
And that our blessings
Are just waiting to be found
In this giant jigsaw puzzle
We call Life
Whose infinitely confusing pieces
Are scattered all around
Like a scavenger hunt, a journey
Or a mystery, all rolled into one
Because the clues are cleverly hidden
And intentionally made challenging
By the myriad of obstacles
And stumbling blocks
Built into the original plan
Just for fun
So, there are days
When life feels like a Rubik’s Cube
Of difficulty and frustration
Though frankly, that analogy
Simply pales by comparison
So, if anyone is listening up there
I’m really pretty terrible
At solving puzzles
And I suck at board games
For I’ve always been
Too impatient and restless
To sit still for very long
So I’m easily distracted
By trivial pursuits
Still, I do have faith
That I’ll figure it all out
Because I’m also pretty smart
If I must say so, myself
So one day I’ll win
At this game of life
And it’ll finally be my turn
To come out on top
To win that prize
That was intended
Just for me
Or anyway, die trying