The August sunrise
Had beautified the sky
Its low lying clouds streaked
With ribbons of pink and gold
That reached
From one end of the horizon
To the other
An awe inspiring spectacle
Of colour
That had transformed
The dark river beneath
Into something alive
And glistening
Its mythical serpents
Swimming past
As the sunlight reflected
Off its rippled surface
Like a departure gift
Of a thousand tiny diamonds
Beautifully decorating
This summer morning
The water’s sparkling
Of the stars twinkling
In last night’s sky
That had watched me crying
After you had said goodbye

This new day that had begun
With the sunrise gently kissing
My sandaled toes
Had me now basking
In the warmth
Of the dying summer season
Preemptively missing
These weekend getaways
And the effortless happiness
Of summer’s sun filled days
And long warm nights
Of camp lanterns burning
Fire logs crackling
And marshmallows sizzling
Over a blazing fire pit
The carefree fun
Of festivals, barbeques
And outdoor music venues
All coming to an end
Way too soon again
The smell of September
Already in the wind

Bittersweet is August
Its sentimentality
Taking over my thoughts
My heart heavy
As I folded the camp chairs
Disassembled the tent
And very carefully
Began putting away
The carved wooden pieces
Of the chess game
We’d been playing
That game of strategy
Ending in a stalemate
With no one winning
But no one losing, either
Just left in place
The queen and her king
Trapped in separation

The chance of another game
Abandoned with trepidation
Both of us calling it quits
Even before finishing
The bottle of wine
On the picnic table
Its remains discarded
As I continued the task
Of packing summer away
Postponing my tears
For the deep freeze
Of mid Winter
When I’ll begin crying
Once again
For Summer’s return
And our nights together
My soul experienced
And deeply bound
In the familiar pattern
Of the changing seasons
And of us getting lost
In the wind that caresses
The river’s surface

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