One very careful step
After another
She made her way
Through the uncut grass
Heading slowly to the back
Of the old property
Watching out for snakes
And gopher holes, reaching
The little concrete bridge
Spanning the culvert
And lingering there, where
The many tadpoles were
Wiggling by in the water
Its softly trickling past
Like a whisper, like
The old homestead nearby
Almost completely obscured now
By the encroaching vines
But not forgotten
Home now
To an antique tractor
And a family of squirrels
Its foundation finally
Giving way to time
Slipping out from
The back corner
Where the ditch had
Overflowed this past winter
Flooded by the thawing snow
And then, she apologized into
The wind, to the settlers
Who’d built it
Asking them in advance
To please forgive her
When it fell
To the ground
Burying their memories
On the old farm property