Blood red3

Blood Red

He offered her an orange
On a decorative little plate
A thoughtfully chosen one
Fairly large and blood red
Its colourful surprise
Secreted on the inside
Though he already knew
It would be nice and juicy
Having sampled one
Just to be sure
But when he handed her
A serrated silver spoon
She had looked at him curiously
Saying, “I don’t suppose
You would peel it for me,
Using your fingers instead
Because that’s the best way
To conserve the sweetness
Of the nectar inside”
“Of course,” he said, aware
That she was watching him
As intently as a cat fixed
On its quarry
As he pierced the skin
With his thumbnail
And began ever so slowly
Tearing the rind
From the red flesh within
A painstaking process
That had her getting
Hungrier and hungrier
Her appetite growing
With every single piece
He tossed onto the plate
His strong hands so graceful
And wonderfully gentle
That she was completely
Enthralled with him by the time
He completed her request
And just when he was ready
To separate the orange into wedges
She told him to “stop!”
Considering him for a bit
And then, asking
“Would you taste it for me?
Just to be absolutely certain
It’s a really ripe one,
Delicious and perfect”
“Of course” he said
“By the way,” she added
“They taste so much better
When you just plunge into them”
“But it’s going to make
A sticky mess, ” he said
“And the juice will be
Dripping down my face”
“Precisely” she said
And then, waited for him
To open his mouth
And raise the fruit
To his lips

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