Blade Of Grass

When the lawn is seen
From the distance
A single blade of grass
Is indistinguishable
From all the rest
Its uniqueness and secrets
Hidden in a sea of green
Its importance missed
Like a tree in the forest
Whose glory is best found
Upon closer inspection
Because every blade of grass
Is a living sanctuary
A miniature world
Of microscopic life forms
And the tiniest of creatures
A biological factory
Manufacturing oxygen
For our greedy breath
With each blade also
A morsel of food
For the ruminants
A hardy perennial
With the potential
To multiply
Into enough grain
To feed the whole world
If only it could fly
Woefully undervalued
But nevertheless
Contributing its worth
To the natural world
A mere blade of grass
Each unlike all the rest
Is best discovered
In the details
Its magnificence lost
In the big picture