An Ordinary day

An Ordinary Day

It was just an ordinary day
Until sadness crept in
Bringing along
The inexplicably dismal feeling
That something was wrong
And instead of going away
As the day progressed
It only got worse
So I was uncharacteristically tearful
And kind of depressed
Though why, I couldn’t say
For there was no reason, that I knew
And no dream, I could remember
Nowhere, I could point a finger
Because nothing had happened
To make me feel that way
Just an unremarkable day, except for
Everything was coloured blue
And it was raining in my heart
With a melancholy
So pervasive and unshakable
That it shadowed me all morning
Festering and toxic
And it certainly didn’t help
That outside, it was pouring rain
Dark and cold and damp
More nasty weather
The sky in shades of grey
Warning of a storm coming in
And only emphasizing
The foreboding in my mind
And I couldn’t help but wonder
Where it was all coming from
As I succumbed to it all
And finally started crying
Releasing a flood
Of pent-up emotions
Evocative of the saddest goodbye
Somewhat pathetic
And way too disturbing
To turn into something poetic
So I just curled up
With a favourite blanket
Falling asleep to the distraction
Of the TV on in the background
Blaming it all on exhaustion
No big deal, just one day
Lost to sorrow
On an otherwise ordinary day
At least, in every other way