Cameron House

The Couch

I went to bed
Blanketed in your flattery
The tastefully selected
Erotic poetry
You’d shared with me
Every word sweetly
Whetting my curiosity
For more
Naked and smiling
At the possibilities of you
As I dreamt myself
Into a brightly lit room
Completely whitewashed
And barren, except for
The blood red velvet couch
Situated beneath the window
And me, standing there
Barefooted, in my youth
Taking a few cautious steps
Towards it, knowing
It was out of place there
That old settee, stolen
From the Cameron House
Where it had witnessed
The lives of so many
Over the years, only now
So prominently displayed
In my dreaming
Like a porthole to the past
With me thinking
It would surely be missed
By so many, besides
Just myself
My fingers stroking its velvet
Seeking the precious memories
It had known, recalling
The poignant pieces of my life
That were contained
In that old couch
Its presence deeply felt
As I rested my fingertips
Against the window ledge
To look outside
At the most beautiful view
I’d ever seen
A brand new world
That contrasted dramatically
With the empty place
Where I now found myself
My senses aroused
With excited expectation
At the breathtaking scene
And facing an epiphany
Of sorts
For I desperately wanted
To touch that world
If only, I could get out of that place
Of loneliness and solitude
That now felt like a cage
A Pandora’s box
Of ancient history
Quite unlike the temptation
Of the colorful landscape outside
A world of grassy hills
And field flowers
And a clearing in a forest
Of majestic trees
Whose leaves were bursting
With the brilliant green of life
Under the bluest sky
The sun’s rays just reaching
The edges of the window sill
Warming my fingertips
As I explored every inch
Of that wooden frame
Methodically searching
For a latch
That would open it
So I could climb outside
And dance in the grass
That window firmly sealed
Covered in decades of thick paint
Though I knew it would yield
If I persevered
But then I awoke
With an unquenchable thirst
That three cups of hot coffee
Hadn’t fixed, and I knew
It was all because of you