Old Dogs

This old dog has seen better days
When it had seemed like
There was all the time in the world
And everything was brand new
When happiness had meant
A sunny afternoon in the park
Romping in nature’s splendor
To sniff out the dandelions
And fragrant wildflowers
Or fetch soggy tennis balls
Hidden in the tall grass
When practicing a new trick
Like catching a Frisbee flying by
Had entertained us for hours
And hunting in the wilderness
For just the right stick
Would unearth
The unmistakably musty scent
Of the woodsy dirt
And arouse a frenzy of digging
Back when bugs and salamanders
Were like buried treasures
And life was an endless stream
Of exciting discoveries
Full of opportunities
For playing and having fun
Back when four-leafed clovers
Were so abundant
And we were so young

But that was a long time ago
And man’s best friend is much
Too tired for all of that now
Content just to lay on the porch
Chewing on the same old bone
With a trusted companion nearby
A couple of pats on the head
More than enough to satisfy
This old dog; no longer given
To chasing after bicycles
Passing cars, or paper boys
And way past all the impetuous
New adventures of a puppy
Most days, too lazy
To retrieve a favorite toy
Flung across the backyard
A faithful old dog
Once bitten and twice shy
Still licking the wounds
Of a capricious lifetime
Has earned its rest
For being loyal through it all
And grateful for the love
It has been shown
But these days, best left to lie
Sleeping in the doghouse
Underneath the maple tree
Where on a hot summer night
She can still be heard
Barking wildly at the moon
While everyone
Is cozy in their beds
Perhaps also
Dreaming of their youth

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  • suzanne commented on April 30, 2015

    Bull Terrier
    April 30, 2015

    I do not currently
    Own a dog
    But, if I did
    It wouldn’t be
    A Saint Bernard for me
    More than likely
    It’d be another
    Bull Terrier
    Full of playful antics
    And endless energy

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