Last Wishes

When I am dying, please think of me
Dangling on a vine precariously
Like a wilting old rose, faded and spent
Ready and waiting for the wind
To come and blow me away
And after I am gone
Will you scatter my ashes in Georgian Bay
From a majestic old rock out by Beausoleil
Playing my most favourite music
That everyone knows
Without me even saying
And in those few important seconds
As you let me go
Let go, too, of any sadness
And just remember that this
Was a favourite place of mine
Where we made great memories together
Sharing our love and laughter
On so many glorious summer days
For it’s a place where I was
Always full of happiness
Just watching the two of you, so joyful
And a place where I always felt so grateful
And contemplative about the gift of loving you
My memories
The most cherished of all my things
Are all that I will be taking with me
And I hope that you will also keep them
Treasured in your minds
Because it will help you to remember
My never-ending love for you
For the remainder of your days
And so, as I take to the wind
To be forever wild and freed
Listen for the crashing and rippling
Of the water’s music under the sun
And don’t you dare cry too long
For you must know me well enough by now
To realize that I will already be
Singing and dancing in the clouds
When you are whispering your earthly goodbyes
And I will already be long gone
So please, just remember me
Smiling at you
As I disappear from your world
And know that you were my greatest blessings
And I will still be watching over you
From the spiritual world
With a love that is everlasting
Waiting patiently for the day
When you will join me in eternity
But until that time, just be happy