Sad Country Songs

I Should Just Stop Listening To Sad Country Songs

My life is winding down
And like so many people
I find myself belonging
To a world
That has left me alone
Surviving on old memories
Of love
Though, I manage okay
For I have rediscovered
How much I love poetry
And music
And dreams
Places where I find
More than enough
Pleasure and inspiration
And anyway, I’d rather be free
Than to compromise on love again
For God knows, I’ve been there
And done that
In the mistakes of my past
More than enough
To keep me shying away
From versions of love
That just aren’t good enough
And wouldn’t satisfy me these days
So, keep your harsh words
And judgments hidden from me
Because I’ve lived through
More than a few experiences in my life
And I have known love
Though, I readily admit
That I am left
With a sadness in my head
That I just can’t forget
At least, not yet
And while it’s true
That a life without love
Is hardly worth living
Love can still be found
In so many different ways
That still work like magic
To fill up the emptiness
Of a life lived alone
Like, in our imaginations
Or our memories
Or with our friends & families
And, to be honest
I do enjoy my freedom
And just dreaming
About love
Because it’s a substitute
That works for me right now
So you can stop your worrying
‘Cause I’m totally aware
Of the real world out there
And, I’m still kind of looking
So, maybe one day
I will find love again
And if I do, I promise
I won’t walk away
This time
Without trying