Roses in garden

Love Is A Garden

Love is a garden
Overflowing with emotions
In a wide array of colours
That requires careful attention
To its choices
And real dedication
To achieve the balance
That creates its ultimate splendour

A garden will struggle through drought
And weather an occasional storm
Continually changing its form
Over time
So it needs to be cultivated every day
To keep its flowers flourishing
And the weeds at bay
Even during a succession of sunny days

And when a garden is tended dutifully
It will bloom beautifully
For its devoted gardener
Who regards his prized endeavour
As a labour of love
Watching, as the garden develops
Into something even more spectacular
Throughout the years

And the gardener just knows
That he could never leave
And that he shouldn’t
Because the garden needs him
Perhaps it’s the constancy
Of the work of weeding
That makes his garden so fertile
And keeps the roses all blooming

But nothing ever stops
The weeds from trying
So the garden is a never-ending
That is nurtured
But never controlled
And is always at risk
Of being overrun by weeds
Just hoping one day to flower