Amelia Air Heart

Amelia was a hero
A pioneer of women
Who lived a life
Of uncompromising
A brave woman
Who unashamedly
Identified herself
With the feminists
And suffragettes
Of her day, readily
Joining in the protest
For women’s rights
Because she was a woman
Way ahead of her time
A self-educated chemist
And a free spirit
Who described marriage
As a “cage of idleness”
And was determined
To win the fight
For the equality of all women
In the patriarchal society
She lived in, Amelia
Driven by inner forces
And a sense of justice
Resolute in her conviction
That she was worthy
Of an existence
Of equality to men
A born leader
And a free thinker
Who followed her dreams
With blind ambition
Competing fiercely
With the flawed men
In the screwed up world
She’d grown up in
Eventually becoming
The first female aviator
To fly solo across the Atlantic
An inspiration she’d acquired, in part
From all the young men she’d met
While working for the Red Cross
The brave soldiers, casualties, and pilots
Of World War One
Who’d sacrificed their lives
In the name of liberty
And who’d embodied for her
The ideology, that some things
Are simply worth dying for
Though, I’m pretty sure
Amelia had always known
She was born to be different
An emancipated woman
Brimming with a passion
To chase her dreams
Despite being immersed
In a culture
That subjugated its women
The beautiful Amelia
A fashionista
And media sensation
Who resembled
A modern day Joan of Arc
Singlehandedly overcoming
The societal barriers
And becoming famous
In so doing
Winning the hearts
Of so many
Her life defined
By her unrelenting dedication
To be true to herself
By her humbled beginnings
Living a radical life
Fueled by her passion
To become a pilot
Catapulted to fame and popularity
Because she epitomized
The American dream
Of bravery and freedom
And the people
Loved her example
Watching her succeed
In her battle
An exceptional pilot
Who simultaneously
Redefined society’s image
Of the modern sexy woman
Amelia Earhart becoming
A household name
All over the world
But sadly, also a mystery
And a legend
When her story ended suddenly
Tragically disappearing
In a plane, mid flight
Across the Pacific
Only 39 years old
When she went missing forever
Though, I expect
If she could’ve chosen
The exact circumstances
Of her own death
Amelia would undoubtedly have said
That her life had ended
Pretty much the way
She would’ve wanted
With her spirit freed
While she was flying
Soaring through the skies
Where she’d always dreamed
Of being

One Comment

  • CptKD commented on May 3, 2015


    All so is . . .

    I’ll cut to the chase
    And leave it
    Simple, as is

    That it is
    You dropped
    From your page

    Being it was
    Who disappeared
    From Earth’s tender face

    Taking to the
    No good bye’s

    PIONEER Imprint, left as
    Yet, nothing of her
    To ever resurface

    A Ram, here – HEADFIRST
    I learned ALL of her
    Through your Pride & Praise

    I saw all, about ‘Woman’
    a LADY
    Brilliance, Bravado, Blood & Beauty
    One gone, the other to show me

    I was here, many hours of last
    Depleted, this my last learn
    ‘Searing’ – It pained, to pull away

    So sudden, it was – While securing MY WAY
    Twisted, or NOT
    This IS, ‘time-stamped’ on my


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