Hearts Kissing

The Value Of A Kiss

Thoughtfully considered
And sincerely delivered
A kiss
Adds just the right amount of emphasis
When all our words have failed
Because kisses
Are remarkably versatile gestures
That instantly make us feel better
They belong in the happiest of moments
Or in the saddest of goodbyes
And seal the most important events
That punctuate our lives
Loud, or wet, or gently blown
The intimacy of a kiss
Lets our thoughts be known
With an obvious affection

A kiss can say “I’m sorry”
Or replace an “I love you”
And a kiss can say “you’re forgiven”
Better than words alone would do
And even the smallest of kisses
Can be surprisingly impactful
Like a cheek kiss, for example
Given quickly, in a chance encounter
Or unexpectedly, by a former lover
Makes us feel immediately
Appreciated and more welcomed
Telling us that we’ve been missed
Or that we had mattered
Because a kiss is a tangible message
Of thoughtfulness
That reaches into our hearts
With a burst of happiness

Unfortunately, a kiss can also be
A message of devastating finality
Like the crushing blow
At the end of a relationship
Deeply upsetting or full of pity
Or the last fatal kiss of a lover
When the love affair is over
‘Bitter reality’ kisses
That mark the beginning of sorrow
Taking a lifetime to get over
And when someone’s heart is breaking
No words are ever quite right
But a kiss can be a healing gift
For communicating our sympathy
Reminding us that we are not really alone
In the midst of our greatest suffering
Heartfelt and tearful
These are the most important kisses
Remembered long after
All is said and done

But romantic kisses are probably
The most memorable
The wettest and deepest of kisses
When lovers explore one another
Enjoying erotic pleasures
And the rapture of falling in love
Kisses that we revisit vicariously
Staring into a bathroom mirror
Or while engrossed in a romantic story
The ‘if only’ fantasy kisses
When the soul reminisces
That take us out of this world
For a few dreamy minutes

Of course, there are silly kisses
Those ones given purely for fun
Playful and mischievous kisses
That give us great joy
Or leave us hopelessly giggling
But in the end
The best kisses of all
Are always found in loving arms
Because we learn early on
From a mother’s nurturing
That love’s kisses are life affirming
Making us happier and stronger
As we face the hurdles in our lives
And whether a kiss leaves us
With delight or devastation
Every kiss is still a gift
Of undeniable affection
That links two hearts together
Even when life tears them apart