My Words

It was only meant
To be a special moment
Of heartfelt congratulations
But standing there before you
In such close proximity
I was quite overwhelmed
With feelings of gratitude
And found myself drowning
In a flood of emotions
For what it is that you do

Those few inexplicable moments
As I struggled to let you know
Just how deeply my life
Has been touched by you
And expressed a lot more sentiment
Then I had ever intended to
But I hadn’t meant to rattle you
When I talked about loving you

And once the words were spoken
I couldn’t take them back
So I choose not to regret
My embarrassing Freudian slip
For it was still a special moment
Of heartfelt congratulations
And my words rang true
Though it was not
What I had meant to do

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  • EvanDPrich commented on September 11, 2016

    Hey very interesting blog!

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